Processor Solutions

cpu-processorCPUs are the brains of every system. TechTrade Solutions is the premier open market partner for Intel & AMD Processors. At TechTrade Solutions we offer multiple supply chain solutions to support your business’s CPU needs. Our focus is on Sourcing / Shortage Fulfillment and maximizing return on Excess & Obsolete inventory. Excess build ups are a common part of forecasts. We will help you move product fast while maximizing your return. TechTrade also has the ability to pay in advance and stock inventory without a current customer. Production shortages occur and TechTrade supplies new CPUs for line down situations. Do not let your lines go down or orders go out late. Service shortages are a pain. Small quantity and high mix. Don’t worry. TechTrade stocks and sources. Intel & AMD Processors remain the top two brands of CPU manufacturers. With years of experience & through constant market assessments, we have the ability for a Quick Evaluation. Your TechTrade Representative will respond within 24 hours and in most cases within one. TechTrade Solutions supports both new and used processors. We constantly access the market from Manufacturer Excess to Distribution Channels globally. TechTrade knows where & how to quickly deliver the Intel or AMD processors you demand.

Processor Partnerships

cpu-partnershipIntel & AMD are the premier Processor Manufacturers. TechTrade Solutions is in the middle of setting up channel partnerships with each CPU manufacturer. Through our unique open market partnerships, we have the ability to move larger quantities of CPUs quickly. The combination of Intel, AMD and Open Market Partnerships make TechTrade Solutions a leading CPU Distributor on the open market.