Right Time to Sell


Excess and Obsolescence Management is critical to your bottom-line. Knowing when to sell is extremely important. Manufacturers and system integrators can sometimes forget about small amounts of various new parts sitting in inventory. It is important to understand that new parts sitting around for over a year will start to compete with used part pricing. Used parts inevitably come back out the end of the Lifecycle Curve. At this point, there is a significant drop in resale value and overall Return On Investment. Don’t wait. Call TechTrade Solutions today for a free inventory evaluation. It never hurts to know what your inventory is worth. TechTrade discretely evaluates and markets your inventory to other builders who utilize the same platform. We do not blast your inventory across the market as this will create a false sense of extra supply on the market, hurt current market pricing and prevent maximizing your ROI. TechTrade also has the capital and the ability to buy your Excess Inventory even without a home. We will buy to stock inventory.

Computer Parts & Electronic Components


We manage CPUs, Memory, Hard Drives, LCDs, Peripherals, ICs, IT Equipment and miscellaneous electronics. Excess and Obsolescence Management is necessary for every supply chain. Surplus parts or equipment will pop up from time to time, and the important thing to remember is to act fast. TechTrade Solutions will have the supply chain solutions in place to handle your E&O Inventory. Our traders will respond within 24 hours and we aim for a much faster response. Big programs will require more time to properly set up. TechTrade manages any quantity. High Volume, Low Mix. Low Volume, High Mix. No problem. The latter will require more time for accurate feedback. You can always count on TechTrade for a solution to your excess inventory.

Global E&O Management Solutions


TechTrade Solutions offers Global Supply Chain Solutions for Excess & Obsolete Management. Our channels are robust and able to quickly move excess inventory leads the industry. We have the capability to stock inventory in strategically located 3PLs around the world. CloudNinjas.com is our e-commerce brand to move small quantity at higher returns. Through Cloud Ninjas channels, we can manage high mix & low quantity. Packaging wholesale, e-commerce, and recycling, we offer the complete solution for your supply chain.

New, Used, Old or Broken


No part or system is too old for a solution. Even outdated technology can be scrapped for minimal return, but we seek to refurbish and find another home. We have the ability to refurbish used IT equipment and spare parts. Even that 5-year-old server or CPU can be repurposed. We refurbish first and recycle second. This is the greenest technique in the industry. Our technicians handle all type of equipment and a wide variety of parts. Broken equipment can be salvaged and harvested for value. TechTrade Solutions will be able to move any type of excess inventory you throw at us. New, used, outdated or broken, we have the supply chain in place to help maximize your ROI.