Companies are more and more in need of services performed to Hard Drives. TechTrade provides numerous services for Hard Drives and other storage devices including: Sourcing, Testing, DoD Wiping, Shredding, Flashing, Sorting, Grading and Remarketing. Whether you need a spare drive for service, bulk for a production shortage or reverse logistics / remarketing, TechTrade is your source for hard drive services. We support Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Fujitsu and White Labeled.


  • Global Hard Drive Sourcing Capabilities
  • All Brands including White Label
  • New, Used or Recertified
  • Legacy or Latest & Greatest
  • Bulk for Production or Small Quantity for Service

hard-drive-services-functionalityHard Drive Functionality Testing

  • Visual Inspection – Correct P/N, Relabeling, Cosmetics, Factory Sealed
  • Inspect partitions, attributes and power-on hours among others
  • TechTrade Solutions utilizes PC Doctor for different levels of drive functionality testing
  • Custom testing solutions

hard-drive-services-flashingHard Drive Flashing

  • TechTrade Solutions has the capability to Flash Hard Drives
  • Ability to flash thousands of drives per day, which can increase for projects
  • Customer will need to provide Proprietary Firmware
  • All proprietary utilities are stored in a 24/7 secured lab

hard-drive-services-wipingHard Drive Wiping – Data Erasure

  • In House Hard Drive Wiping – TechTrade’s Secure Sanitation Program
  • Choice of DoD, NIST or NAVSO
  • Ability to handle large quantity
  • Offer 1-Pass, 3-Pass or 25-Pass Hard Drive Wipe at Department of Defense Standards
  • Provide Certification at end of process – Per Drive includes Serial Number, Model Number, Date Wiped, Rack Wiped on, Technician performing duty.
  • 24/7 Secure Lab – Alarm, Cameras
  • Quality Control Technicians

hard-drive-services-shreddingHard Drive Shredding – Data Destruction

  • DoD Shredding
  • Recycle the shredded hard drive scrap
  • Provide Certification at end of process – List of Serial Numbers, Weight In, Weight Out, Technician, Date & Time.
  • Capable of shredding Hard Drives, Optical Drives, Backup Tape and other miscellaneous e-waste
  • Shreds each piece with “jaws of life” type of machinery
  • Fun to watch. Hard Drive Shredding on youtube.

hard-drive-services-gradingHard Drive Grading

  • ABC Grading System
  • Diagnostic Testing & Visual Inspection of each drive by quality technicians
  • Rate based on age, condition, cosmetics, power-on hours and packaging

hard-drive-services-remarketingHard Drive Remarketing

  • Remarket both new and used
  • Wholesale Excess
  • Retail Remarketing
  • Recertified Drives
  • Stock inventory and move large volumes quickly
  • Leader in Hard Drive Services


  • E-Waste or Retail Returns
  • Inspect interphase, capacity, cosmetics
  • Determine if best to recycle or stock & remarket