We support all areas of the Lifecycle. TechTrade Solutions is a leader in Lifecycle Management. From end to end, our supply chain solutions will benefit your Product Lifecycle in every stage.


lifecycle-management-npiNew Product Introduction (NPI) is an area where TechTrade Solutions can act as an intermediary with component manufacturers to support small quantity or samples for initial product development. High Mix and Low Volume can be difficult to manage, especially in the beginning of the lifecycle when some components are cutting edge and difficult to find upon initial release. Let TechTrade handle the supply so your engineers can focus on building the next great design for your company.


lifecycle-management-productionManaging the Production Lifecycle can be a challenge. TechTrade Solutions provides Vendor Managed Inventory services for manufacturing production. We will manage the distribution and flow of parts to your manufacturing locations allowing for immediate access to stock and quick inventory turns. Our team is constantly looking to improve efficiency and lower spend through potential excess buys or PPV opportunities.


lifecycle-management-serviceThe Service Lifecycle is the most volatile stage of the Lifecycle. Swings in demand can vary greatly from day to day. Forecasting service demand is a daunting task and one that is impossible to perfect. TechTrade Solutions manages the forecasting, shortages & excess inventory. Service spare parts management can be a nightmare. Let TechTrade bring in the light.


lifecycle-management-logisticsDuring a product’s lifecycle, there are a lot of logistics involved. TechTrade Solutions will manage all the transportation throughout the whole process. Our rate of On-Time Delivery is impeccable thanks to our dedicated team. We provide you with immediate access to parts through the NPI & Production stage and haul away the scrap during the recycling phase.

Remarketing & Refurbishing

lifecycle-management-remarketingRefurbish First. Recycle Second. TechTrade Solutions motto on reverse logistics and asset disposition remains the greenest approach in the industry through the utilization of human energy to extend the lifecycle of electronics. Before scrapping a part or product, TechTrade believes in refurbishing and remarketing. Our channels are robust so we have the capability to move all types of computer parts, electronic components and new & used IT Equipment.


lifecycle-management-recyclingThe end of the lifecycle leads right back to the start. Recycling electronics back to raw material to manufacture components. Properly disposing of old electronics is a must. According to the EPA, E-Waste is the 2nd fastest growing sector in our landfills. While currently only accounting for 2% of the actual landfill space, E-Waste contributes 70% of the toxicants. TechTrade Solutions wants to stop this epidemic. We are working towards R2 Partnership. Zero Landfill. Zero Waste Exported. Zero Incineration. TechTrade feels a civic responsibility to our children and children’s children. Let’s keep the world a beautiful healthy place.

Advantages of Lifecycle Management

lifecycle-management-advantagesIncreased Profitability through:

  • Reduction in Inventory Ownership Costs
  • Lower Service Costs
  • Product Quality Improved
  • Supply Chain Strengthened from End to End
  • Efficiently Manage Complex Cross-Functional Projects
  • Increased Return on Investment at end of Lifecycle