What is a VMI

vmiVendor Managed Inventory in the broadest of definitions means a buyer of a product agrees to use a specific supplier for a specified amount of time or inventory. The buyer provides demand data to the supplier and the supplier takes on full responsibility of said inventory. Usually, a forecast is provided and min max levels trigger logistics of next shipment. VMI’s apply across basically all industries where a product is being sold. There is a shared risk in VMI which is a testament to true partnership within the supply chain. Open communication is important. Buyer generally saves money on warehouse space, time and personnel.

VMI for Computer Service & Repair

vmiTechTrade provides flexible VMI’s for Service & Repair Demand. We understand demand widely varies for computer repair spare parts. 8 straight weeks of demand at 100 drives, then week 9 you need 450 drives. Service likes to be a roller coaster of variability. We will help you plan accordingly and support you with the ups and downs. Yes, there will be excess. Let’s work together to handle the issue and maximize return. Yes, there will be surges in demand. We will support you during shortages. VMI’s are about understanding your partner’s needs and anticipating their demand from historical data and current trends. TechTrade is a pioneer for Service VMIs.

VMI Stocking Options

vmi-stockingStock onsite in a cage at your facility or at TechTrade. You have the logistical freedom to choose where you want your inventory to be managed. We can manage at TechTrade or in a cage at your facility. Let TechTrade support you on your next project requiring Vendor Managed Inventory.

Commodities TechTrade can VMI

vmi-commoditiesWe specialize in Computer Parts and Electronic Components. TechTrade supports CPUs, Memory, Hard Drives, LCDs, Peripherals, IT Equipment, Semiconductors, and Passives. You will be provided with top notch support. TechTrade is dedicated to servicing your needs for every commodity. We would like to be your One Stop Shop for all your VMI Needs.

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Advantages of VMI

vmi-advantageVendor Managed Inventory is an area that sometimes worries OEMs & CEMs. Why have another firm manage your inventory?

  • Reduced Warehouse Space
  • Increased Time for other Projects
  • Formation of True Partnership
  • Quicker Delivery & Instant Access to Parts
  • Reduction of Forecasting Errors
  • Extra Level of Quality through Additional Screening
  • Developing lean Supply Chain focused on End Customer
  • Reduction of Data Entry Errors through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Vendor Manages Replenishment Logistics