TechTrade Solutions is a leading Independent Distributor of Computer Parts and Electronic Components. We provide wholesale distribution. Headquartered in Houston Texas, TechTrade specializes in Supply Chain Solutions for a wide variety of Computer Products & Electronic Components. Our global sourcing capabilities provide manufacturers the opportunity to deliver obsolete or hard to find components. TechTrade Solutions offers Excess Inventory Management Services to maximize your ROI. We support the entire Lifecycle through refurbishing, remarketing and recycling. Our operations run constantly to hunt down the computer part or electronic component demanded. In a nutshell, TechTrade Solutions can be summed up as quick supply chain solutions for a wide variety of components. We get the job done fast at the most competitive rates in the industry. Call TechTrade Solutions today!

Products and Services

We offer a number of Supply Chain Services to resolve different issues. Our Services include Shortage Fulfillment, Sourcing Hard to Find Parts, Excess & Obsolescence Management, Hard Drive Services, Asset Recovery, Vendor Managed Inventory, Reverse Logistics, Lifecycle Management, Spare Parts Management and PPV Cost Reduction. TechTrade Solution’s is dedicated to enhancing your supply chain for each type of computer part. The Products TechTrade concentrates on include CPUs, Memory/DRAM, Hard Drives, LCDs, ICs, Optical Drives, WLAN, Motherboards, Complete Systems, Phones and Game Consoles. Our Supply Chain Solutions will impact every commodity.

Quality Program

TechTrade believes in quality throughout the entire supply chain. Shield Chain is TechTrade’s solution for end to end Supply Chain Quality Assurance. Shield Chain enables TechTrade to be Proactive over Reactive, and stay ahead of the industry curve. Our lab is Anti Static Compliant with ESD Tile. ESD Compliance is our goal to ensure Quality Control. Technicians required to wear ESD Smock, Foot Guards and a Wrist Guard to ground themselves and protect parts and systems. Our lab will continue to grow and add equipment as we are continuously working towards the ability to test almost every computer part under the sun.