TechTrade Solutions offers a variety of solutions to benefit your Supply Chain in time of need.  Our supply chain services include Shortage Fulfillment / Source Hard to Find Parts, Excess & Obsolescence Management, Asset Disposition, Reverse Logistics, Vendor Manager Inventory, Lifecycle Management, Spare Parts Hub, Hard Drive Services and PPV Cost Reduction.


Shortage Fulfillment – Component shortages exist in every manufacturer’s supply chain. Lines will go down & customer orders will be late if a solution is not found. TechTrade Solutions bridges the gap in a time efficient manner with quality tested components.  Sourcing computer parts and electronic components is our specialty.  One hard to find part can lead to build ups and delays in customer returns of broken computers. Repair / Service will always be a major concern for every manufacturer’s supply chain. Brand is everything and damaging the brand leads to profit losses. TechTrade sources these hard to find components and protects brand integrity with a rapid solution.


Excess and Obsolescence Management – Technology remains the fastest paced industry, which leads to rapid inventory turns. Current technology becomes outdated quicker than ever. With so many companies on the cutting edge of technology, there is a constant push to develop the next best product. E&O crops up in every supply chain. TechTrade Solutions specializes in E&O Management through several types of solutions.  Planning the perfect supply chain that leads to zero E&O means you should play the lottery more often.  Except a small percentage of excess and we can help you manage.


Asset Recovery– Scrap recycling, computer refurbishment & information security. We provide the total package required to safely dispose of outdated technology. Refurbish First. Recycle Second. TechTrade Solutions handles everything in a green manner. No Landfills. No Waste Exported. No Incineration. EPA estimates 80-85% of e-waste is throw in landfills or incinerated. E-waste accounts for 70% of toxic waste in landfills. All information wiped to DoD Standards.


Reverse Logistics – Don’t let consumer returns bog you down. TechTrade Solutions can efficiently handle your customer returns in all aspects. We can act as the hub to sort, tag & identify incoming returns. TechTrade also has the ability to remarket returns and maximize ROI.  Our Supply Chain Services are geared toward Reverse Logistics.


Vendor Managed Inventory – Save money on space, time and personnel. You will also save yourself some headaches. TechTrade will hold your inventory and schedule out delivers as your demand fluctuates. Clear space on your books and in your warehouse and let your inventory be managed by TechTrade.


Lifecycle Management – Managing a product from conception to grave. We will support with NPI, Production, Service and Remarketing / Recycling the remains. Our team will handle everything and put your mind at ease throughout the entire process. TechTrade has the answer to your needs.


Spare Parts Management – Service has become the toughest area of a supply chain to predict. You have needed 10 pcs of sku abc over past year and this month you have repair demands 100 pcs. Who can predict? Nobody. However, we stock a wide variety of parts to meet the service needs of hundreds of builders, integrators and mom & pop repair shops. TechTrade can stock parts based on your forecast and help when the hiccups occur.


Hard Drive Services– TechTrade provides numerous services for Hard Drives and other storage devices including: Sourcing, Sorting, Testing, DoD Wiping, Shredding, Flashing, Grading and Remarketing. Whether you need a spare drive for service, bulk for a production shortage or reverse logistics / remarketing, TechTrade is your source for hard drives. We support Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Fujitsu plus many more including white labeled.


PPV Cost Reduction – Supply us with your Bill Of Materials with current buy prices. We will sign an NDA. Then we will locate thousands in cost savings. TechTrade generates savings through B.O.M. scrubbing. Each SKU has the opportunity of a lower cost. Not all SKUs will be successful, and TechTrade’s PPV Team will spend countless days thoroughly reviewing every line item to identify cost savings opportunities.

Our programs are customized to support each individual client.  We offer a variety of services to meet all different needs within your supply chain.  Call TechTrade Solutions today with your inquiries.