Sourcing Hard To Find Parts

shortage-fulfillment-sourcingHaving trouble finding a part? Shortages happen. Even the best buyers and planners cannot foresee natural disasters, service spikes or many of the other obstacles waiting to slow down your supply chain. Sourcing hard to find parts can be extremely difficult. When a major production shortage hits, every Builder & System Integrator needs exactly what you demand and all the normal channels are dried up. What do you do? Call TechTrade Solutions. We are here to help. Our team knows the market inside and out and stay in tune with daily market activity. We know where supply can be found at all time, even when there is a not currently a shortage. Preparing for shortages on a daily basis is the only way to truly be ready to quickly support a critical component shortage. The market shifts swiftly. React accordingly. TechTrade Solutions is an industry leader for Shortage Fulfillment.


shortage-fulfillment-traderslinkSourcing for shortages is frustrating. Earthquakes, Fires, Floods, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes. Naturals disasters everywhere. And it hit your factory? How unlucky. The market moves quickly when issues occur. Price fluctuates very fast. The Hard Drive Shortage of 2011 is an extreme example. Drives doubled and tripled overnight. The memory shortage of 2013 was due to a fire at Hynix. Companies scramble when shortages hit. TechTrade is a Stocking Distributor with access to parts globally.

Time is Money

shortage-fulfillment-moneyFinding an elusive component can be frustrating. You end up spending all day on one part when there are a lot of other tasks on your plate. Many buyers experience it is easier to negotiate cost savings on other lines to balance out the possible increased pricing during a shortage. Think about the administrative costs a builder spends trying to track down a part, verify & set up a vendor, credit screen and so forth. Let the professionals handle it. Our network is extensive and constantly active. We likely already know exactly where your Hard to Find Part is located. Call TechTrade Solutions today!